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Diversity of language pairs

For years our team has been working as interpreters and translators during 24/7. We are living in Poland, but working all over Europe and even around the globe. So it doesn’t matter where you are from, just write and as agreed you’ll get the translation or interpretation at any event any time and in any country. We are working with almost all world languages, because the knowledge of the market gives us a wonderful possibility to personally know each other and make useful social contacts.

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Interpretations require good reaction and ability to quickly analyse the situation from the conference interpreter translator. One of the most important factors is speech speed: the interpreter should keep theirs at about the same level with the speaker’s. And we certainly realize that! However, in most cases the interpreters, especially those providing interpretation services 24/7, like our team does, study materials provided by their potential customers in order to be ready for any situation. Also the external factors, like gestures or face expressions, may help the interpreters during their work.

Welcome to Poland!

Make your visit and stay in Poland on a First Class level

We are also organizing business trips to Poland with greetings in the airport, transfer to any point of the cities, best sight-seeing tours, bespoke cultural events, experienced interpreters and concierge 24/7; briefly speaking, according to all your suggestions.

Moreover we provide the whole range of services to support the development of foreign business and life in Poland (from finding the appropriate legal services till looking for the most patient nannies in the city) and work with the business to identify improvement opportunities. We manage ASAP requests, special needs and/or new services which may be required for the comfortable work and living in Poland.

Conference interpreter translator

Europe has no bounderies!

During all these years we have been participating in different conferences, business meetings, debates, presentations, cultural events etc., briefly speaking, everywhere you may need interpretation. And please remember, in case of international trips all travel expenses should be paid by your side.

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Simultaneous type of interpretations is rightly considered to be the most difficult of all. It is similar to consecutive interpretations with the main difference being the extremely short time period between speaking and interpreting; in fact, interpretation is performed almost immediately, simultaneously with the speech. That’s why the name of this type is like that. It requires the multitasking skills: listening, understanding, interpreting and speaking at the same time. In addition, the conference interpreter translator usually stays in a secluded booth and hears the speaker’s voice in headphones, seeing the speaker on-screen or from far, which makes the process even more complicated. Simultaneous interpretations are used during conferences, theatrical performances, TV shows, etc.

Written Projects

ASAP? Any problem!


The realization of written projects (articles, translations, editing, proofreading, etc.) is possible DURING SOME HOURS (!).

In fact, the main difficulties about written projects are finding the specific terms fitting in order to reflect the style and special features of the original text and making the translated text equal to it. Written translations require thorough editing and studying a lot of sources like dictionaries, data bases and official translated versions of documents, as well as efficient time management, which is possible in case of addressing companies which provide 24/7 translation services, like our team does.

Here we should mention phonetic written translations as well. This type of written translation is used quite rarely, mainly in the form of exercises during language studies. It also may be used in cases when the written translation of an audio recording is required. And we also provide this type of translation!

Creating of advanced presentations in PowerPoint, Photoshop and other programs for designers is also possible during some hours (!).

Conference Interpretations 24/7

Management & coordination

As a project initiator I have solid experience in project management like manager and coordinator in corporations and private companies as well as the diploma of Collegium of Management and Finance of Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) with excellent marks.

We also provide consecutive interpretations. And 24/7! Consecutive interpretations are used the most often. As a rule, they go on according to the following scheme: the speaker says some phrases, which are interpreted immediately afterwards. Seeing the speaker is extremely important in this case because, as it was indicated above, their mimics or gestures may help the interpreter; it may be not a problem if the interpreter stays close to the speaker, but in some cases the interpreter stays in a cabin and is only able to hear the speaker using headphones. In this case the speaker should be seen at least from far in order for the interpreter to show the best results.

Practice means everything!

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Some scientists suggest that there is no certain classification of translations and interpretations at all; mainly because this type of activity is one of the fastest-developing ones. The main reasons for this is variety of areas where translations and interpretations are required (from scientific conferences to bringing pieces of fiction to wide public) and the growing vocabulary of existing languages, no talking about their forms: just imagine that only English language gains a new word every 98 minutes! But listing the basic types of this activity from the technical point of view is possible (see above). And you can read about them on this page and on our BLOG.