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Conference Interpreter


Diversity of language pairs

For years I have been working as an interpreter and translator. My subject languages are English, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian (in various combinations – EN>RU, PL>EN, PL>BEL etc.).

Actually, I am living in Warsaw (Poland), but working all over Europe.

Conference Interpreter

Europe has no bounderies!

During all these years I have been participating in different conferences, business meetings, debates, presentations, cultural events etc., briefly speaking, everywhere you may need interpretation.

In case of business trips to the other European countries as well as CIS states, I don't need any additional documents.

I can organize your visit to Warsaw (and Poland at all) with greetings in the airport, transfer to any point of the city, sight-seeing tours, cultural events, etc. as agreed previously.

I am ready to send you the key to open my reference letters’ section upon your request.

ASAP? Any problem!

Written Projects

The realization of written projects (articles, translations, editing, proofreading, etc.) is possible during some hours (!).

I am the author of series of articles in German, Russian and Irish magazines (the articles are written in Russian and English). The examples of the materials are in my reference section.

Written Projects

Not only in Word!

Creating of advanced presentations in PowerPoint, Photoshop and other programs for designers is also possible during some hours (!).

Certificate of the extraordinary member of Polish Society of Economic, Legal and Court Translators (TEPIS) was given in 2005.


Management & coordination

Experience in project management like manager and coordinator in corporations and in private companies as well as the diploma of Collegium of Management and Finance of Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) with an excellent mark.